Good reasons to start using Gutenberg....again.

Gutenberg is hot if you want to rank

Core Web Vitals is something to master if you need to have your website pages competitively rank on Google. With a good website, the idea is to use wording that is popular with your business and can be recognized easily by Google and other search companies. Your website will rank above others if it has good "search" or S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization). This can be for local search, or world wide.

Webmasters need to be aware of how Google ranks websites for search. Staying on top of search standards is important in the ever changing web. The power of the internet really is incredible for those that can understand how Google, and the ranking and search really works.


Websites and Blogs?

You might already know how to use Gutenberg, but it has changed so much that it is now time to pay a visit to your old buddy. If you don't, your blog is probably going to fall down in the ranks on Google search, especially if others are posting in your niche. I wouldn't drastically change anything already working for you, but for new posts and pages, I would try one of the many ways to use Gutenberg.

I couldn't believe that this was really happening but now the page builders for building websites are quickly losing popularity after Google's announcement that "Core Web Vitals" are going to greatly influence how things rank. Also Google says that simpler website pages that load fast will be favored. It's time to figure out how to deal with "Gutenberg" again if you haven't in the past.

If you haven't learned to use Gutenberg, you are in for a treat. The way it's configured now makes it fun to learn. By adding the free Ultimate Addons plugin to Wordpress, Gutenberg becomes an awesome pagebuilder with features never seen before.