2018 QS 1000, Pismo Beach

The QS 1000 returns to Pismo Beach for the second year.

In the second year the 2018 QS1000 in Pismo Beach was a success not unlike the year before. Professional surfers from around the world competed on the North side of the pier to close out the North American regional season. This second event was a great success and included an inaugural women's event with 16 year old surfer Kirra Pinkerton from San Clemente, California, taking the win over Samantha Sibley in the women's division.

In the men's division Leon Glatzer got favorable waves while battling Taylor Clark in the pounding beach break while showing the crowd his aerial antics and gaining his first ever Qualifying series win.

Promo video for QS 1000

2017 QS 1000 professional surfing event at the Pismo Beach Pier in California

Great weather was enjoyed by spectators at the 2017 Q.S. World Surfing League contest. The waves were small to medium for the most part but with professional surfers there was definitely a lot of excitement.

The 2017 WSL QS 1,000 kicked off yearly contests to be held at the Pismo Beach Pier.

The Inaugural event kicked off what will be the a great yearly event for Pismo Beach because it's an international contest. The Q.S. means that it's a Qualifying series event. It's a lower level of competition in the WSL, (World Surfing League) but the surfers are still incredible. They are just starting their professional careers.

In years to come if the waves get big with good form, it will be great fun to watch the action from the pier as the young surfers battle it out for points and first place.

The event became possible when Andy Mckay, owner of Surfside Donuts in Pismo Beach, was successful in getting corporate sponsors. "My nephew, Austin Neuman, was a rookie competitor last year on the QS and there was only one lower level event." That's what sparked the idea, says Andy, who was at that time the owner of a donut shop called, Surfside Donuts on Dolliver St. in Pismo Beach. When you wonder how professional surfers came to the pier in Pismo, think of Surfside Donuts and Andy McKay. The WSL events has proved to be a great success with good contest waves and sunny weather enjoyed by surfers, vendors, and spectators alike.

The Pismo Beach Pier was still closed for renovations during the 2017 event, but the new boardwalk in front of the pier was a great place for spectators to check out the action. The shots of the women surfing were captured from Main St. in the Mooselodge parking lot above the boardwalk. The Pismo Beach Pier area's recent upgrades make it a great place for holding public venues.