Surfing California's off shore winds

Surfers in California follow various indicators in nature to decide if the waves are going to be good for surfing.

A surfer knows that winds blowing out of the east toward the west coast will create favorable surf conditions.

In California, a surfer with any experience knows that when the Santa Anna winds blow down through the canyons starting in September along with larger winter swells will create optimum surf conditions

Surfing California's Santa Ana winds after they blow through the mountain passes in California is what a surfer waits for all year long. These warm winds can exceed 40 miles per hour shaping the faces of the waves into perfect tubular cylinders. Surfers love these conditions and look forward to getting "tubed" while surfing on these somewhat rare days or weeks.

Surfers love to risk high swell and surf for the ultimate excitement of challenging the undaunting forces of nature and the ocean. The mental rush one gets from entering a tubular wave and being spit out like some sour candy is the ultimate life long quest.

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