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Create successful time laps videos for YouTube.

Time laps how-to videos - One option for influencers

Reasons to create video in time laps format

Time laps video can be used in quite a few ways to attract viewers to a web page. People like to watch time laps video. It saves time for the viewer and the creator doesn't need to bother with microphones or voice recordings. If you edit your video footage to selected music then text or captions will be a way to help your viewer understand certain parts of the video. Viewers can get a great understanding of the subject at hand, following along with the captions.

Most HD video cameras have a time laps feature. It's usually very simple to use, but following the instructions for your camera is always recommended. In the cameras manual mode look for "time laps" setting. I will give some tips for making simple time laps videos that are sure to get views and are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube.